Is This Really Going To Happen?

by Naomi Kalombo

One thing that no one ever tells you about walking with God is how difficult it actually is.

First things first, YES accepting Jesus is the best decision I’ve ever made and if I were to leave a review on Yelp I would rate it 5 stars – highly recommend.

However, walking with God is difficult because He will make you face yourself.

No, not like you would do… deeper. No, not the deep you’re imagining; even deeper.

To walk with God is to walk in absolute surrender of His will for your life and although that sounds great, it doesn’t always look or feel good to have so little control on anything.

Again, don’t get me wrong. God has healed me from things I didn’t even know I needed healing on, He has freed my mind from lies I had no idea were even lies. I’ve never felt as free and as loved as I have in the presence of my Lord and Saviour.

However, I think people need to talk about the difficulty it is to walk with God.

Most of the time I have to make decisions that go against what I would’ve preferred, think in ways I would’ve never thought and act completely opposite to the ways I usually would; ways that, honestly, most people would understand.

I think the most difficult part is that often, in the beginning stages of our walk (and probably even after in some ways), our life resembles nothing that God has spoken over our lives. On top of that, the route God chooses to take to get us to what He has said makes absolutely no sense to the human mind.

So yes, surrendering to God is tough because more than once this question arises in the mind:

Is this really going to happen?

Well, yes. It will. And yes it doesn’t make sense because what God has in store for you doesn’t make sense.

Think about the first time you understood what His plan for you was, didn’t it seem crazy? It did, but your faith made it seem reachable (and a part of you already imagined the way to get there… little did you know)

Now the euphoria is gone and you’re wandering if you’re ever really going to get there… is it even realistic?

Let me stop your thought right there… Yes it is, and Yes you will.

It doesn’t make sense and that’s how you know it’s God. If it made sense He wouldn’t be staying true to His word and, truly, you wouldn’t need Him to get to it.

Trust. Keep walking. He who promised is faithful.

“But how do I know I’m walking in the right direction” you ask?

Well, you have to trust that if you were making a wrong decision He would stop you from doing it.

He desires more than you, to accomplish His plan through you.

You have to surrender to Him and believe that He is completely covering you. He is behind you, watching your back. In front of you, checking for any danger. And right beside you, holding you hand.

There’s a certain autonomy God wants us to have, otherwise He wouldn’t have let us have any free will.

So stay close to God, makes sure you’re available to hear Him and…

Go out, make the decision, take the job, marry that person! If you were making the wrong decision He would tell you!

I guarantee it (I’ve made plenty and been warned every time – unless He wanted me to learn something… which is also a part of the walk)