What if Your Storm Was The Confirmation?

by Naomi Kalombo


It all started when I looked up the definition of my name and realised everything that it meant was exactly the opposite of what I thought of myself. Everything I had gone through in my life had made sure I thought exactly the opposite of what my parents were declaring over my life when giving me my name.

Without realising, due to the different storms in my life, I had completely given into my negative thoughts

Then I realised that’s exactly what happens when God speaks over us

Let me explain,

God speaks beautiful and powerful words over us, things our minds had never conceived.

Yet almost immediately after He has spoken them, (often in the midst of the excitement for what He has spoken) the exact opposite happens. And we forget, we become obsessed with what we see rather than remembering what He has said (and done)

I don’t believe in coincidences

And as I was questioning myself, I heard “perspective”.

Perspective! Of course! I had to change my perspective on the storm in front of me

In difficulty we get tired, we quit, we get discouraged, but that is exactly when God wants you to be strengthened, to stay committed, and to persevere.

The storm wasn’t the “opposite” of what God said, it was the confirmation. The storm was the “way” to what He had said. It was the confirmation that what He said was, indeed, on the way. The storm was God granting you your hearts desires. Ironic right?

So in the midst of a storm that was, clearly, trying to wipe me out

I changed my perspective

My mind isn’t allowed to give up on anything, I’ve decided to stay committed no matter how long it lasts, no matter the difficulty in front of me, I will get to the other side

My storm was my confirmation. What if yours was too?